The Last Day

Vegas had a terrible night :-)

On our walk, we met another alpha male dog. They spent 10 minutes sniffing at each other and peeing on each others’ spots. His owner, a chinese national was marvelling at how much fun they were having. Didn’t look like much fun to me. I told her about Vegas leaving us, and she offered to take him in. I told her I’d think about it. Yeah right.

After that we went cat chasing. He seemed to have it down pat until he got tag-teamed. lol. One cat would distract him and another would jump him. So funny to watch. Besides he had a disadvantage – his leash. So after a fashion he’d just give up and whimper. kekeke…

Vegas is leaving us today… J’s friend is coming to pick him up at 5pm… I hope Princess gets visiting rights :-) We sure won’t but at least we have some nice pix.

So sorry that I can’t stay at home to play with him more, he’s sitting beside me nuzzling my hand but I have to rush off for a meeting.