Quitting Exercise – For the year

Signing off on my walks – for the rest of the year…. The next couple of weeks will be all travel and (because of Christmas) food.

So here’s a summary. I started in late May, and in just about 6 months…
Total Workout Days: 68
Total Distance: 413.38 km
Total Burned: 26,290
Weight Lost: 3kg

Pathetic isn’t it? My friends say I’m losing fat and gaining muscle. I don’t see any *new* muscle anywhere! On the other hand, my pants aren’t so snug, my posture has improved and my resting heart rate has dropped 6 beats per minute.

So on I plod, and as the new year approaches, my resolution is 1000km in 2010.

Retiring my old Asics. Out with the Foundations, and in with a pair of GT2140’s. As a tribute to the old pair, which has served me faithfully since I got them…

Foundation Retirement

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