Arduino Watch Winder – Updates

We’re almost there! This is what’s on my desk / worktop / pigsty now.

We are almost there

Some pictures of the acrylic parts and hardware…

A few (software) features

Tourbillon mode. No I don’t own one…. The gears have a ratio of 1:6, so the motor has to turn 6 times before the watches turn once. A cool idea was to have the watches come to a stop at different positions. 1:6 ratio meant I can stop them at 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 o’clock positions.

A photo-interrupter counts motor revolutions.

Cumulative counting. Every 1 1/6 programmed turns of the watch means 7 actual turns, and these are counted towards the TPD set in.

Dynamically self-balancing. At the top of each hour, the program would calculate how many turns it has to perform based on the cumulative turns, the set TPD, and the number of hours left in that 24 hour period.

Bidirectional. Pretty standard feature.

Now to clean up the wiring and get an enclosure!

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