Camera Bag Insert for Timbuk2

Another iteration of a camera bag hack for my Timbuk2 Commute 2.0… This one is by a Korean manufacurer on eBay. USD23.55 includes worldwide shipping. The model name is FOSSOUX LC Partition padded bag.

Timbuk2 doesn’t make camera bags, although they say they have one in the pipeline. Photographers have used inserts from different manufacturers to convert Timbuk2 messenger bags for camera usage. A discrete messenger bag setup would allow you to get the equipment out without having to remove the bag from your shoulder.

Domke inserts –
Tenba inserts –
Lowepro inserts –

There are also DIY versions which I was very tempted to attempt, but… I admit it… I sold out.

Update: Timbuk2 has just released their Snoop Camera Messenger. It is insert based, so you can even remove the insert for regular messenger bag duty, or move the insert over to a backpack style bag for even load distribution. Woot.

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