Canardly Soup from Thermal Cooker

Wifey, on recommendation from one of her aunts bought a 5L La Gourmet Thermal Cooker. It was on sale for 99 bucks and came with a freebie smaller model which we gave away (to said aunt).

When I first saw it, I asked where the electricity plugged in. LOL. It didn’t need power. The premise of this device is that you boil some ingredients for about 10-15 minutes in the inner pot, then seal it in an insulated outer pot. The residual heat cooked the soup/stew the rest of the way; and after 6-8 hours, dinner!

In theory this made sense, but I had my doubts. This magical cooker that didn’t need power nor heat would make soup just as well as mom, who would regularly simmer soup over 4 hours?

Canardly Soup!

Nope. It was canardly soup. You can hardly drink it. Half the pot got thrown out.

Wifey followed instructions to a T.

But I see some hope. We’d normally blanch the meat, throw out the water, fill a fresh pot with boiling water, dunk the ingredients, set on low heat, cover and not peek for 3-5 hours. Depending how hungry we became. The longer you simmered, the better the soup. Water was being lost in the simmering and the soup became thicker, or more concentrated.

This is the same if soup was made over fire, or in a slow cooker – although we think soup made over fire tastes better.

No such action in this thermal thingamajig. The outer pot was sealed, which meant that it had the same amount of liquid it as when you began. So… the instructions were not necessarily accurate. You have to correct for (the lack of) water loss.

Next change, another round of soup and a round of stew. If it’s still bad, we’re giving it away!

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