Buckwheat Hull Pillows

I’d always had trouble finding a comfortable enough pillow to sleep on. Not too high or low, nor too hard or soft. I’d gone through all manner of fillings; feather, polyester, foam, memory foam, you name it. I’d also gone through all manner of price-points, from $20 to $200.

A couple of years ago, J introduced me to pillows filled with these:

Heavy too! Each of the medium sized pillows were filled with 3.5kg of the stuff.

The first 2 nights took some getting used to. The pillows had a residual smell which went away after a couple of days. The hulls would let your head sink in as you adjusted yourself, then support your head by holding that position through the night while you are sleeping.

Wifey got herself one about a year after I got mine. Actually I got her her own because I found she was stealing my pillow more and more often. After 2 years of use, they lost some of their height.

When some of wifey’s aunts were hunting for suitable pillows too, and we made our recommendation. In typical family group-buy fashion, we tagged along a 1kg bag of spare hulls which we filled our pillows with.

When Timmy came along, MIL sewed up a pillow case out of a cloth diaper and we took some hulls out of our pillows for his.

Can’t recommend them enough. Oh, the hulls are organic too!

We got ours here.

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