iPhone4 Charging and Control with Arduino


And here we go. A PodBreakout v1.5 with cables for music, charging and serial communication with an Arduino. Charging is accomplished with the appropriate voltage divider resistors and power from a 7805. Serial communications via a Logic Level Converter, a breakout into a regular 3.5mm audio plug. Last but not least, Pin 11 to ground for audio output to Lineout; and Pin 21 with 500kOhms to ground.

Guide for pinouts at Pinouts.ru.

Currently, the SimpleRemote program switches between play and pause every 5 seconds; but there you go – proof of concept. The “This accessory is not optimized for this iPhone” message will pop out, but will go away after the 1st cycle of play/pause.

Nice. Next steps. Integrate this into the hardware and software for the Actigraphy logger; and the dreaded enclosure design phase begins.

I’m calling this the SleepyDock. ;-)

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