Mission Stray Pup: Complete

Seven days, seven puppies. By the power of Facebook, all the pups have found good homes.

The pups have grown in the past week – 2 whole packs of puppy food. They’ve opened up a little too. Here’s a pic of Brownie smiling in his shipping box on the way to his new home.

Ginger was first to JK.
LO committed to, and backed out on Brownie.
Snowy to a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend and will go live in JB in a big house
Latte (renamed Cheezel) to LB
Knickers to Angel & Indra
Bikini to Sumesh
Zara (renamed Zarah) to C & W
Esther committed to, and backed out on Brownie.
Brownie to Mr Teo, brother in law of a friend of LB

Brownie’s new home is NICE! A big yard to run about in. A silky terrier friend and Snowy for a week more before he ships out.

I was quite worried that some of them would be left on the shelf. But 7 pups in 7 days is a great result! We will do miss them. At least, we do get to see some of them occasionally.

And once again, my balcony is poop-free!

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