The Christmas Shaving Loot

OK I take back what I said about staying away from from RAD (Razor Acquisition Disorder). I’ve gone and gotten myself a slant bar Merkur 39C, and a whole bunch of different blades – from Connaught Shaving. Pretty good rates, and shipping out to here. I wanted a Muhle R41, but the forums described it as a hair AND skin removing monster, so I decided to wait for a bit while I hone my technique.

Mama Bear’s shipment arrived too. A little expensive to ship out to here – so buy more to make it more worthwhile. I’d asked Sue to throw in 2 used containers so I had a place for the sample Lime puck, and the other for my alum block. She sent empty containers that used to hold Masculine Musk, and Toasted Coconut. Damn! Now, I’ve got to get those as well!

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