A night of firsts

I recently bought a Gold Dollar no. 66 razor from eBay – advertised as stainless steel. It was for honing practice. It arrived, I put a layer of Tufglide on it and left it alone for about 2 weeks. This evening, I opened it, and rust had collected on the edge. Stainless my ass!

I sanded the rust off with some 1000 grit sandpaper, removed the scales (they were shite, and I wanted to know what it felt like to shave without the handle)… Wet my un-graded hardware store Five Tiger combination stone and ground down the edge ala Murray Carter. (The straight razor purists shudder at this)

Since I don’t have much other equipment, after I got a new edge on the blade, it went on the balsa strop loaded with green compound on one side, and red on the other. Then leather strop.

As I headed to the bathroom, I figured if it didn’t work, I’d need a backup DE razor. I picked up the Timor I’d never used before, and for the heck of it, the newly de-funked Vie-Long horsehair brush.

A night of shaving with new stuff!

Lathered up some Mama Bear’s Dragon’s Tears. Nice.

The Gold Dollar developed some patina from being soaked in hot water. Go figure. It worked reasonably well WTG in front of my head, but not so well on the hair on the back of my head. Stopped there. It definitely needs more edge work.

The Timor is ridiculously mild. I had to buff aggressively ATG to get BBS. Very comfortable, but a lot of work.

Update 12/5/2012:

I sanded off the logo, and went over the entire razor with Scotchbrite. Then forced a patina in boiling vinegar. More rubbing with Scothbrite. Rehoned.

Looks (and feels) better. I’ve oiled the blade and put it away… will shave with it in a couple of days.

Update 20/5/2012:

Have shaved with it twice so far. I like it without the handle. As usual, the angles aren’t quite right on the back of my head and it isn’t so close there. But the honing is working out quite well. Considering playing with lapping film, or maybe I should just buy a straight 8k stone and stick with that….

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