ASICS GT-2160 longevity issues

Bought a pair of ASICS GT-2160 in late December so I could train for the marathon I’d signed up for. I’ve been tracking my workouts, so it came as a huge surprise that after 2 full months and 260km, these have given up the ghost.

I’ve been walking most of the time and only do short runs. I heel-strike on walks, and forefoot-strike while running. From the damage on the sole, I’d say forefoot-striking is detrimental to these! OR, there was a QC problem on this batch.

In either case, I’m giving ASICS up for a while. I just got myself that pair of Nike Free Run’s.

Can’t wait for my next workout – I’ve decided it’ll be a 5km run. Worst case scenario, these become my out-and-about sneaker; I still have my worn (but not dead) ASICS GT-2140 sitting around.

As an experiment, I recorded myself running on a treadmill. In 120fps slow motion ;-)

I still have 460km worth of training before the marathon. I think I’ll also have a go at a pair of Brooks.

The Brooks website has this really cool shoe-advisor feature that helps you find an idea shoe depending on what you currently wear, or by answering some simple questions.

These were my results:
Adrenaline GTS 12 direct replacement for the ASICS GT series
PureFlow direct replacement for Nike Free Run

“I’m a dude with a normal foot; I weigh 200lbs and I love walking on road for 45 min or more; I have a mild amount of pronation”
PureFlow if I say I have a normal foot, Adrenaline GTS 12 if I say I have a wide foot.

PureCadence looks interesting too.

Choices, choices.

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