Electronics and Water

Never a good idea.

The Ixus 70 point and shoot we’ve had for years took one too many nose-dives and I’d recently replaced it with a Canon Ixus 115 HS. One cool feature of this P&S is it records in 120fps slow-motion. Fun!

On Saturday it took a dive off my belt, pouch and all, into the (thankfully clean) pisser. It didn’t hit the side of the bowl, it fell straight into the water. It took me 3 seconds to realise it by which time the pouch was soaked through and the camera was wet too.

I didn’t try to turn it on. Wiped it down and sat it, the battery and SDCard in a sealable popcorn container with a Thirsty Hippo desiccant.

Two days later, fingers trembling and all, turned it back on. It powered up! And a test shot.

Note to self: hang the pouch on the belt AND secure it to a belt loop. It doesn’t need to be load-bearing – a loop of string should do it.

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