Mama Bear Natural Lime Oil Shaving Soap

As an update from my post during Christmas, I’ve tried a little of everything I bought. I’ve been using the Natural Lime Oil 1oz sample puck the most and now that it’s almost finished, I thought I should share some thoughts.

Very nice lime scent, not overpowering. It’s definitely made of real essential oil because I accidentally (while rinsing) got some up my nostril. It attacked the delicate mucus membranes and I had a sore that lasted a week. Very thick and slick lather with all my brushes. I’ll compare with the puck of Musgo Real Glyce Lime Oil Soap when I open that up.

8/10 on the must-rebuy list.

The bowl, a gift from wifey on her shopping adventures, is a rubber-coated “Bowl Me Over” bowl from the closing Page One. Packaging says its a Reddot Product Design Award Winner, made from food grade thermoplastics, thermoelastomer. Designed by green & associates.

She intended for it to be a bowl to build lather in. I’m a face latherer and only sometimes use the bowl from Ikea. I determined quickly that it wasn’t such a good idea since the bristles on the brush drags on the rubber – and I don’t want too many bristles falling off. It’s been converted to the bowl I rinse the razor in, and it does a fine job – the rubber acts as a shock absorber. The one niggle is that small hairs tend to stick to the rubber surface… but some elbow grease during cleaning normally solves that.

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