More RAD: Muhle R41 Grande and Omega 49

No… I don’t have RAD. I NEED these. Right….

The latest arrivals: A Muhle R41 Grande, Omega 49 boar brush, some Proraso aftershave cream, and Musgo Real Lime Glycerine Soap.

The boar brush is HUGE!! It came perfumed… after the first lather it started to smell like dead animal. So for now it has been relegated to the bench while it goes through several more test-lather sessions. The hairs have already begun to split. Good sign!

The R41 has been described by many as aggressive, vigorous, direct and efficient. I have 2 shaves under my belt, both dual-pass WTG with a Derby blade. The audio feedback is excellent, and I agree with direct and efficient. My scalp is still here! Seems like this razor makes the full use of the potential of the blade. I wouldn’t have liked it as my first razor, but once you get the hang of things… nice!

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