Post Marathon Brief

I made it. In 7 hrs and 18 mins. Not the time I was expecting. The knee injury played a part – it had been aching for a couple of weeks.

The lap times started off at 8 mins, and went steadily up.

Then, it started raining at 16km. I had been hoping for some rain during training, and only got a slight drizzle. This wasn’t a drizzle. It came pelting down for about 2 hours. By 32km, I’d lost a lot of heat and gave out. I limped into a toilet to dry off a little, and stood beside a vending machine to get some heat. Fell asleep for a couple of minutes, and decided to move off again.

I couldn’t do it. I collapsed in a shed. Sat and shivered and napped for about 30 minutes. Woke up wanting to give up, but there weren’t any cabs in the area. 10kms to go, and I decided to at least finish. Gulped down a gel handout and that seemed to do my hip joint some good.

The last 10kms were the hardest, even walking. I finished well after sunrise. My friends had gone home, and even the event organizers were packing it all up.

Here’s my finisher’s medal. My efforts for the year – the goal that I had set for myself.

Can’t say I’m completely satisfied. A part of me says I’m a marathon finisher, and can tick that off the list. The other part of me still wants to post a 6 hr time.

I won’t write it off, for now I’m in Melbourne and enjoying my recovery runs in the weather. We’ll think abut another marathon later. Or not.

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