Run 350 Half Marathon

For me… Walk 350…

The official results aren’t out yet. The Endomondo app on my iPhone says I did it in 2h:45m – I would be proud if I did this pace over 42km.

I wasn’t too impressed when I signed up for the event – the website featured the photo of what appears to be exhausted runners. The race pack collection was smooth, and the contents impressive. There was a shoe bag, lozenges, muscle rub, sunblock, biscuits… Not much info on the race. The PDF had to be downloaded from the Run350 website – less paper!

The event was well organised, and had timing gantries at multiple points on the route. The parts of the route that felt claustrophobic at the 2XU event was OK in this one.

My 2nd event done. There’s a 32km training walk planned in 2 weeks, then tapering starts. Looking forward to the main event I’d trained for for almost 6 months now.

Edit: Results are out! 2hr 43mins 43secs. Not bad…

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