Stabil Solingen 13/16 in Poison Green G10

This 13/16 Stabil-Solingen Straight Razor had been sitting quietly in the Buy/Sell forum for about 10 days when I found it.

It was (mostly) everything I wanted in a straight. 6/8 (or better), full hollow, G10 scales (Not exactly a popular mainstream colour, but I liked it), shoulder-less (I’d been eyeing the Dovo Master). No opinion on the round point, and it wasn’t stainless, and the pins weren’t torx screws (oh come on). I jumped on it.

2 weeks later it arrives in a re-packaged bag. The box was damaged in transit but the seller had put copious amounts of bubble wrap in place. The razor was safe. One thing I wasn’t expecting, a high polish on the blade.

Poison Green G10 proved hard to photograph. Bear with my rubbish skills.

I am, as far as I can trace, its 4th owner. It had black celluloid scales before and it had been re-scaled in Poison Green G10. I also read that many Solingens are not branded. Stabil is German for Stable so that might not indicate a maker but just a marketing term. There’s “57” inscribed on the tang, but I would be hugely surprised if it were made in 1957 given the quality and condition.

I’ve had 2 shaves with it. The first was memorable only because I’d underestimated the weight and thickness of it and cut myself thrice. I only noticed some stinging. My colleague counted scabs the next day. It’s only getting better :-)

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