World’s tiniest router

A colleague bought one of these for travel – and we got to test it in the office. Some budget hotels still only offer a RJ45 connection in the hotel room – and the ultimate intention is to travel only with an iPad.

Tiny. TP-Link’s TL-WR702N

The package comes with a short length of flat RJ45 cable, a mini-USB charging cable, and a 3-pin wall socket ala the iPod/iPhone/iPad wall charger (outputs 1A).

It comes preconfigured with an open WIFI SSID and WPA2 password printed on a sticker attached to the device. Not very strong, but configurable. Theoretically, if you plug this into a hotel’s RJ45, and launched Safari, you should get the gateway page.

$38 bucks a pretty good deal. For $10 more, you get the model that accepts a 3G USB modem dongle. But in this case, I’d just tether it to my iPhone.

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