Boonie Hat Modifications

OK so this project is about half year in the making. About June last year, I decided I wanted another hat besides my Tilley. I have that in the T4 Insectshield variant in size 7 1/4. Its a great hat, but I feel sometimes too ostentatious in

This one was to be low key – preferably black. It should have a very narrow brim – just enough to shield my eyes against the rain or sun. Some people would call that a bucket hat, or stubby boonie hat.

Started off with a regular jungle hat from the military in digital camouflage. Unpicked the stitching on the piping. Trimmed the brim down to 1 3/4 inches (42mm). Chickened out and had Mom sew the piping back on :-D

I’ve always disliked the drawstring, so it was cut off. The hat already fit nice and snug, and the abbreviated brim would just flip up in the wind.

Removed the camo bandoleer, and nail-polished the screened ventilation eyelets to prevent rust.

Lastly, some Dylon black dye to complete the look. I wasn’t completely satisfied with the first round of dyeing, so it was a couple of months before I got round to the 2nd round. Seems that it didn’t improve the look. I wanted black, but got a dark muted digital camo. I guess it’ll do.

Modified Boonie

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