TWIB – Week 01 of 2013

Short yet eventful week.

1st incident at work:
Her: You mean I can send the statement of accounts directly to the client?
Me: Yeap.
Her: Oh. I thought I would ask you to do it because they may not know who I am.
Me: Pretty obvious isn’t it? Your email address is accounts@(theshopiworkat)

2nd incident at work:
Her: or u pass me ur ppt
Her: i design for u
Me: no need lah… don’t waste your time.
Her: its ok i am fast haha
Me: pfft
Me: oh. better not say that to too many other guys.

All this talent. Sigh.

Did some work on the stubby. I think I’m ready to write it up and post it. Very soon.

Kiwi’ed the shoes for the new year.

2.5 years hack free. And it happened again today. Took 2 hours to clean up. Pffft.

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