Front Fork Stand for Zwifting

As the spare wheelset was out of commission, I needed something to hold the front of the bike up while Zwifting. I got hold of some leftover 2×4 from a previous project, measured it up, cut some joints for strength, doweled the parts together, forstner’d a 12mm hole where the thru axle will go, and voila!

Shared some pictures on FB, and THEY WERE NOT IMPRESSED. Opinions ranged from me hurting myself, to breaking the carbon frame. Others thought it was cool; that the trainer supported all of the bike and rider’s weight. The stand, like the front wheel just held up the front… much like the Wahoo Climbr device (which I don’t have).

Had a few hours on the saddle now, and there were some lessons learnt. The bottom needs to be flat. If one side is higher, the steering will veer the other way. Flattened that out with a sander, and all is good. Had a couple of drops of sweat fall onto the end grain. I suppose that will lead to failure at some point. Maybe some finishing.

For now, I call it done.