Tracking the shared car with Google Sheets and Forms

Wifey and I share the family car. I built a Google Sheet to track where the car is parked and also to record fuel top-ups, and put this as an icon on our phones.

When clicked, it opens the internet browser and takes us to the Google Sheet.

From here, we can see where the car was last reported parked, in this case, Level 1B at our local multi-storey carpark.

Clicking the link to record a new car location brings us to a Google Form, which pushes the input into the Sheet and updates the location in real time.

This allows us to inform each other of the car’s location without having to disturb the other – for example, if I came home late and she’s already asleep and will need the car for the early morning school run.

Another function would be to record fuel top-ups.

This allows us to track our actual gas spend, and also the fuel consumption of the car over time. Yes, ours is a thirsty one.