The Mad Ed

Me in my un-ending and failing quest for online privacy

Welcome to The Mad Edition, my very own bandwidth-busting contribution to the internet!

The previous site was hosted on Pacific Net for 10 years. It was a plain ‘ol site that I updated every once in a while. But because of the sheer amount of email spam i got on that address, it just had to go.

My handle was originally “maded” – pronounced “Mad Ed”, but… nobody seemed to get it. And by the time i pulled my thumb out, that domain name had already flown the coop. So here we are. Mad Edition.

Finally got my own domain in ’07. Realised that a blogging-type software was better at irregular contributions, without too much HTML work. Yes, for you too young to know, back in the day, it was all HTML.

You’ll notice I don’t have a name or picture posted. I have this big thing on “privacy”. I’m sure some intelligent Googling (is this now a word?) will net some answers (pun absolutely intended!!), but in the meantime do enjoy your stay.

If you would like to contact me, please try this email address. [mad at thisdomain]. Or call, it’s easier.

Have a great day!

Page created 1-Oct-2007, last updated 29-Nov-2009.