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Poor Pocket

We found her in 2001, she’d been abandoned. The vet said she’d been a couple of months old then.

A fairly happy dog, unusual that she didn’t bark much – for a chihuahua.

She fell sick last weekend. One vet said she had a heart condition, another said it was neurological. Yet another said she had a fit or a seizure.

Passed away peacefully early Monday morning. We’ll miss you!

Vegas with J

J emailed me to say that Vegas was adapting to his new home and had some pix.

and us? We miss Vegas… the house seems bigger without the little carpet.


*BWAAAAAHHHHH* Vegas is gone.

P and his girlfriend came to pick him up for delivery to J. Told him to get J to call me when he got Vegas, so I know that he’s arrived and to tell him what food he takes, etc.

Before that I had a good half hour of playtime with him, so he’ll be properly tired tonight :-)

Gave the comb and bone… but forgot the bowl *oops* So Princess I’ll pass the fence and the bowl back. Shampoo and Beggin’ Strips will go to Pocket yay!

I miss the bugger already. Professional!! Hurry up with the pix!!!