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Possibly the MOST adorable mini schnauzer around. We have him for a week trial before we decide to keep him or not… (archived from Jan 2005)


In the week we’ve spent with Vegas, we’ve learnt to love him so much more. As with almost all dogs, Vegas needs these basics:

  1. 12-hourly walks (more or less)
  2. Food and drink (duh)
  3. Play – and loads of it.
  4. Twice weekly shower (wifey says)

Sat down with wifey for an hour and discussed this at length.

  1. The paper training thingy has turned out to be a total fiasco.
  2. Confining him in the bathroom for long spells seem a tad cruel.
  3. The 12-hourly walks dictate that our schedules have to be void of unexpected turns of event.
  4. Keeping him at home un-confined beyond 12 hours means risk of tile stains, chewed up newspaper and tissues, etc
  5. We have to keep all doors closed, to prevent B&E.
  6. He seems to have a bit of a traction control problem on the tiles and laminate wood flooring in the house.
  7. We have NO IDEA on whether we DID get water into his ears and eyes :-(
  8. last but not least, I feel that we aren’t able to provide Vegas with the love and attention that he demands.

Sorry Princess… we can’t keep him. We love Vegas a lot, but feel that we can’t handle the requirements. I hope the family you’ve found for him can give him better care, and much more attention than we could.

p.s. He’ll return with the blue minty bone and will play fetch :-P

p.p.s. The Professional came today and shot Vegas. Like a hundred times. I’ll put pix up when I get them. :-)


… and after a good ten shots the batteries gave out.

This is the look he gives me in the morning…

“I don’t care about my blue minty bone, or the nice towel to sleep on…

I just wanna pee”

On couch. see the fugly bedsheet wifey draped over the cushion… not that it’d help – at all.

Want tummy rub – please.

Hung upside down by testicles – joking!!! Just posin.



Paper Training Day 2: no luck yet… found sample paper torn up – again. He doesn’t seem to get the idea…

Glad to see Vegas is getting more comments…

Got this from sis:

Pictures! We want more pictures! =D

I’m workin on it.

Problems: camera drinks batteries like water. Bad lighting. Too lazy to post.

This from anon:

Go Vegas Go!…(NOT! u stupid dog…if u wanna live in a good home u’d better get ur frigging act together!)

That’s right Vegas, if you’re not gonna listen to me, listen to some stranger…

Headin for stag night. Not mine. This will be precedent for the longest daytime lockup Vegas has had. Wifey will bring him for walk tonight – yay!

p.s. Have some pix already. Shall try to post tonight if I’m not too pissed. Engaged PROFESSIONAL to shoot dog tomorrow (it’s not as bad as it sounds lol). WIll have more pix then.


Vegas 7, Humans 1

See what i mean??

The little devil just raided my kitchen trash, and pulled out bits of onion and vege.

Got smacked for that. Now to lock him up for the night. Some fresh “sample paper” in the loo already.

Wish me luck.

Oh… and starting to smell bad again. Maybe we should get an Aibo instead :-) Then we’d only have the problem of batteries. They aren’t quite as cute as Vegas though…


Vegas 6, Humans 1

Paper training experiment day 1 was a complete flop. No sign of activity in the bathroom, thankfully no sign of activity in the rest of the house. However, he did pee just outside the door on the way out tonight.

This is turning to be a complete walkover.