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Yum Yum Get in my Tum!

New Year’s Eve Dinner

We had dinner at Nan Hwa Chong Fish Head Steamboat on Christmas Eve – because we figured it wouldn’t be (too) busy.

Tonight, we decided to pay Uncle Leong Seafood a visit. Looped round to pick Mom up – and drove to the Ang Mo Kio address – only to find the place occupied by Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice. The queue at Mellben was horrendous!

Oh where did Uncle Leong move to? Ah it was on their website – gave them a call at Toa Payoh and they didn’t even need reservations.

15 Lorong 8 Toa Payoh, Braddell Tech
Singapore 319262 · Tel: 6554 3453



December 18, 2011

Party House @ Orchard Residences.

Dinner was… 1/2 inch Australian Wagyu; barbie on its highest setting, 1 minute per side, cover closed. Medium rare. Colman’s mustard (not strong enough). Half a sausage nobody wants.

Throw out the bollocks WMF knife, break out the PM2. Oh yeah!

An army marches on its stomach

Had a project on the verge of going sideways this past week. Visited the site to soothe ruffled feathers, and saw that my team was exhausted. I could only think of one thing to do. That night, I paid a visit to Maccers and had this conversation.

Welcome to McDonald’s!
Hi can I have 30 McChickens please?
Meal? Upsize?
No just the burger.
Ok, just one?
Thirty. *puts 3 fingers up*
Ok. Just three?
Thirty. *puts 3 fingers up followed by a zero*

Something about having food in your tummy while working your arse off at 11pm. Morale the next day was visibly improved.

Update November 2011:
The project was completed successfully, and Phase 2 has started.

Margaret Drive Food Centre – All Hoarded Up

As we drove by this afternoon it was already hoarded, so we stopped to take some pics – and also to see if there were any relocation notices. There were!

Singapore Food Trail at Singapore Flyer

Visited the Singapore Food Trail which just opened a couple of days ago… it’s a 1960’s themed food centre. Really nostalgic. There is also a small shop selling trinkets and *really* old stuff.

Being super crowded and all, I only managed to snag 2 quick shots.

We had chicken rice, fried hokkien noodles and rojak. Not very expensive, considering the location and the portion… $5 for chicken rice. Super yummy, especially the chilli sauce.

Found out why 1 hour later while wandering Marina Square. MSG Attack!!! Downed a coke to quell it; 2 cokes by the end of the day.

Nice to look at, and reminisce the old times. Probably not worth the revisit to dine again – even if they ARE heritage hawkers….