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Humour truly is, the best medicine.

Ask the guy who shaves his head!

I’ve decided to train for a marathon in May – I’m gonna walk it. So last night a nice long walk was called for – to Mustafa. About 8km one way. I needed to pick up some razors anyway.

So there I was in the shaving supplies aisle. Oooh! They’ve got Omega shaving cream! It’s mentholated, like Proraso! I digress… there was an Indian lady with her teenage son who’d just started growing a mustache. They were having a quiet on argument on which can of shaving goo they needed. Smaller can (just in case you don’t like it), gel vs cream…. All the while they were sneaking glances at me. I caught the mom’s eye together with the look of confusion on her face, beamed a naughty smile and said, “Ask the guy who shaves his head!”

Oh how I would have liked to start the young man off on proper lather, but Mustafa was out of brushes. It was nearing midnight and their presence there that hour meant (to me) that it was a matter of some urgency. I asked if he had sensitive skin, reminding him that the last thing he needed was a rash on his upper lip. Yes he did. I located the proper product – the youngling muttered to his mother that was what he wanted to begin with. Mom asked if a shaving foam was different from shaving gel. No – it’s purpose is to lubricate (if you rub it into your skin)

They retreated with half a dozen thank-yous. Don’t thank me – hang out with me a little more and you’ll find yourself spending a whole lot more money!


November 27, 2011

Asked for, and received a high-five from a child who looked at me, pointed and screamed “BOTAK!!!”. His parents were super embarrassed.

Angry Birds Cake

Anya Richardson is a STAR!!! Why? Because she made this from scratch. I’m supposing its all edible too….

Now all I’m thinking is how to get these critters into AutoCAD so I can have them colour printed in 3D. Yes, its called cheating and all I then have to do is get the cake shop to make me a landscape.

And the figurines would survive for display!

Angry Birds Peace Treaty

In a satirical depiction of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, popular Israeli comedy show Eretz Nehederet portrays both sides as characters from iPhone’s Angry Birds.

“I wish my father was here to witness this moment. He was killed on level 9 of the free version”

If you liked the game, you’ll love this. Say what???