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Humour truly is, the best medicine.

James May’s Man Lab

This is where man finds himself these days; ten thousand years in the making. Ten thousand years of endeavour in science and the arts and the humanities. And within one generation, he’s been reduced to a factless, bed wetting, parmesan shaving imbecile who revels in his own uselessness. Something has to be done.

Welcome to Man Lab, the grueling arena in which the terminal decline of man will be arrested, and possibly even reversed. In this humble industrial building we will revive and relearn the skills that define man; and drag them, glittering onto a broad sunlit upland of being a proper chap.

James or the BBC, if you’re reading, I had fun!

Canon’s most irritating radio ad yet

Anyone hear Canon’s latest radio ad for their original printer inks that will last “300 years”

*whiny voice* Dear, look at our kids’ kindergarten photos they are all faded! Tsk. And they are not just photos, they are our memories!!

A couple of points.

1. Having faded DIY printed photos imply that softcopies are available and can be re-printed.
2. With a whiny voice like that, was the marriage accidental?
3. And if so, how did he get it up to bear children with her?
4. Harakiri is a good way to go.

Canon: wake the hell up. What were you thinking??

How do you actually pronounce Eyjafjallajokull

It’s either “islandmountainglacier volcano”, or “EY-yah-fyah-lah-YOH-kuul.”

Or as The Oatmeal so aptly put it… “gibberish”.

Some beautiful pictures of the horror, downloaded from all over the web. More images available here.

The most used Chords in the World

Quite some years ago, I stumbled on Rob Paravonian’s “Pachebel Rant” on Youtube.

I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this, but everytime I do, it’s still funny.

Last week, there was this on Digg… this bunch of Aussie boys call themselves the Axis of Awesome!

I’m more than a bird, I’m more than a plane, I’m a Bird-Plane!