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Mama Bear Natural Lime Oil Shaving Soap

As an update from my post during Christmas, I’ve tried a little of everything I bought. I’ve been using the Natural Lime Oil 1oz sample puck the most and now that it’s almost finished, I thought I should share some thoughts.

Very nice lime scent, not overpowering. It’s definitely made of real essential oil because I accidentally (while rinsing) got some up my nostril. It attacked the delicate mucus membranes and I had a sore that lasted a week. Very thick and slick lather with all my brushes. I’ll compare with the puck of Musgo Real Glyce Lime Oil Soap when I open that up.

8/10 on the must-rebuy list.

The bowl, a gift from wifey on her shopping adventures, is a rubber-coated “Bowl Me Over” bowl from the closing Page One. Packaging says its a Reddot Product Design Award Winner, made from food grade thermoplastics, thermoelastomer. Designed by green & associates.

She intended for it to be a bowl to build lather in. I’m a face latherer and only sometimes use the bowl from Ikea. I determined quickly that it wasn’t such a good idea since the bristles on the brush drags on the rubber – and I don’t want too many bristles falling off. It’s been converted to the bowl I rinse the razor in, and it does a fine job – the rubber acts as a shock absorber. The one niggle is that small hairs tend to stick to the rubber surface… but some elbow grease during cleaning normally solves that.

More RAD: Muhle R41 Grande and Omega 49

No… I don’t have RAD. I NEED these. Right….

The latest arrivals: A Muhle R41 Grande, Omega 49 boar brush, some Proraso aftershave cream, and Musgo Real Lime Glycerine Soap.

The boar brush is HUGE!! It came perfumed… after the first lather it started to smell like dead animal. So for now it has been relegated to the bench while it goes through several more test-lather sessions. The hairs have already begun to split. Good sign!

The R41 has been described by many as aggressive, vigorous, direct and efficient. I have 2 shaves under my belt, both dual-pass WTG with a Derby blade. The audio feedback is excellent, and I agree with direct and efficient. My scalp is still here! Seems like this razor makes the full use of the potential of the blade. I wouldn’t have liked it as my first razor, but once you get the hang of things… nice!

Merkur 39C Closeup

So I’ve placed the Merkur blade into the 39C, and had a headshave. It does look like the blade is torqued/twisted within the housing. Oooh aggressive.

The 1st shave was fantastic! WTG, ATG, Touchup. Baby smooth; very little burn (probably from bad technique). The 2nd shave the next night however had very different results. Maybe the stubble hadn’t grown enough, or maybe my skin hadn’t had a chance to rest enough.

Burn! Super alumblock burn!

I’ve been logging my results with different blades. And it turns out, for ATG passes, most blades are only good for one headshave, with the exception of Feathers (2-3).


The Christmas Shaving Loot

OK I take back what I said about staying away from from RAD (Razor Acquisition Disorder). I’ve gone and gotten myself a slant bar Merkur 39C, and a whole bunch of different blades – from Connaught Shaving. Pretty good rates, and shipping out to here. I wanted a Muhle R41, but the forums described it as a hair AND skin removing monster, so I decided to wait for a bit while I hone my technique.

Mama Bear’s shipment arrived too. A little expensive to ship out to here – so buy more to make it more worthwhile. I’d asked Sue to throw in 2 used containers so I had a place for the sample Lime puck, and the other for my alum block. She sent empty containers that used to hold Masculine Musk, and Toasted Coconut. Damn! Now, I’ve got to get those as well!

Ask the guy who shaves his head!

I’ve decided to train for a marathon in May – I’m gonna walk it. So last night a nice long walk was called for – to Mustafa. About 8km one way. I needed to pick up some razors anyway.

So there I was in the shaving supplies aisle. Oooh! They’ve got Omega shaving cream! It’s mentholated, like Proraso! I digress… there was an Indian lady with her teenage son who’d just started growing a mustache. They were having a quiet on argument on which can of shaving goo they needed. Smaller can (just in case you don’t like it), gel vs cream…. All the while they were sneaking glances at me. I caught the mom’s eye together with the look of confusion on her face, beamed a naughty smile and said, “Ask the guy who shaves his head!”

Oh how I would have liked to start the young man off on proper lather, but Mustafa was out of brushes. It was nearing midnight and their presence there that hour meant (to me) that it was a matter of some urgency. I asked if he had sensitive skin, reminding him that the last thing he needed was a rash on his upper lip. Yes he did. I located the proper product – the youngling muttered to his mother that was what he wanted to begin with. Mom asked if a shaving foam was different from shaving gel. No – it’s purpose is to lubricate (if you rub it into your skin)

They retreated with half a dozen thank-yous. Don’t thank me – hang out with me a little more and you’ll find yourself spending a whole lot more money!