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Adventures training for my first Marathon – Sundown 2012

Half Marathon, Stressed Fractured Fibula

Apparently the recently retired Brooks Pureflows gave me the beginnings of a stress fracture when I had to change my gait because of the pain from the blood blisters. I thought it was a sprained ankle.

A week later, I participated in the 2XU Compression Half Marathon. I ran 5km before the pain got to me and I started walking. Completed in 2hr 55min, and limped for the rest of the weekend.

Dawn came on Monday morning with a sharp pain in my left ankle. Decided to go to the hospital just to make sure everything was OK. The conversation went something like this:

Doc: So.. You had an aching ankle.
Me: Yeap.
Doc: And you did 21k on this aching ankle.
Me: Yeap.
Doc: Genius! We’re renaming you “Dumbass”.
Me: Ohhh-kay…
Doc: You’ve got a compound fracture in your fibula. Dumbass.

They discharged me with crutches, a load of painkillers, and a week’s worth of medical leave. Got referred to an orthopedic doctor 4 days later who ordered another set of X-Rays, determined that it was a stress (as opposed to traumatic) fracture, that it was beginning to heal – and set me on my way with an AirCast boot – with a recommendation not to put weight on it.

This has been a lesson about not taking simple things like minor pains, mobility and the ability to drive for granted. Wifey has been good about sending Timmy to his Grandma’s in the morning and doing all the heavy lifting. She hasn’t complained but I’m sure deep down inside she’s a little pissed.

It had been 6 days of icing the sore ankle, but I’d been off painkillers for 3 days. On Saturday evening, 2 nights ago – I decided to see if I could walk on it.

Gingerly, yes! And without pain either! I’ve been off painkillers for a couple of days so I know it’s not them taking the edge off. My full range of motion isn’t back yet though but that seems to be improving steadily.

I’m going to take it easy (no driving) for a week – then see if I can drive. Upper-body workouts only for the next 6 weeks… and then work from there.

Fingers crossed.

Gear Retirements and Additions – Nike Free 4.0 V2

Did last year’s marathon Nike Free Run 2’s. These have become my favourite shoes of all time. They’ve done well over 1,000kms and I’ve realised that the cushioning isn’t so good any more. Each footfall jars a lot more than usual.

Have tried to transition into the Brooks Pureflows. I suppose they are OK for shorter distances like the 5k stints, past 10km and I get a horrible case of blisters even with Vaseline.

Just did 15km in the Pureflows training for a half-marathon in a week’s time, and have been rewarded with a juicy blood blister. Have decided that these are not for me.

Got to the shops for a pair of Nike Free 4.0 v2’s from the 2012 collection. It’s a risk I know, doing an event with new gear. I’ll try to acclimatise this week with short runs.

Training Report – 2012

Following up to a resolution made in 2009/2010 (procrastinated for 2 whole years!) and a major lifestyle change from almost exactly a year ago… I decided (with some poisoning from a friend), that I should do a marathon.

Just finished my final run of the year in the pissing rain. Note to self, don’t wear a white shirt out in the rain unless you want to look like a wet T-shirt contestant!

Here’s my report for the year.
Total workouts: 162
Total distance: 1,254km
Total distance on foot (walking or running): 1,100km
Total calories burned: 98,709
Total time: 166hrs


Haven’t decided if I want to do a marathon distance in 2013, but for now signed up for a half-marathon.

Happy New Year 2013!

Post Marathon Brief

I made it. In 7 hrs and 18 mins. Not the time I was expecting. The knee injury played a part – it had been aching for a couple of weeks.

The lap times started off at 8 mins, and went steadily up.

Then, it started raining at 16km. I had been hoping for some rain during training, and only got a slight drizzle. This wasn’t a drizzle. It came pelting down for about 2 hours. By 32km, I’d lost a lot of heat and gave out. I limped into a toilet to dry off a little, and stood beside a vending machine to get some heat. Fell asleep for a couple of minutes, and decided to move off again.

I couldn’t do it. I collapsed in a shed. Sat and shivered and napped for about 30 minutes. Woke up wanting to give up, but there weren’t any cabs in the area. 10kms to go, and I decided to at least finish. Gulped down a gel handout and that seemed to do my hip joint some good.

The last 10kms were the hardest, even walking. I finished well after sunrise. My friends had gone home, and even the event organizers were packing it all up.

Here’s my finisher’s medal. My efforts for the year – the goal that I had set for myself.

Can’t say I’m completely satisfied. A part of me says I’m a marathon finisher, and can tick that off the list. The other part of me still wants to post a 6 hr time.

I won’t write it off, for now I’m in Melbourne and enjoying my recovery runs in the weather. We’ll think abut another marathon later. Or not.

Pre-Marathon jitters

This is the final tapering week leading up to the marathon. I’ve covered a little more than 700km in preparation for this. Spread over 6 months.

I’ve injured by ankle, knee and hip, gotten shin splints (all on the right side) and a rib. I’m now nursing a combination of right calf/hamstring/back of knee soreness.

Because of this I’ve been feeling a bit down in the last few weeks – sometimes questioning if I can finish the distance. The answer came to me today as I completed my last long walk of 14km. I’ve fallen for the worst trap. The training has become boring. The training plan was for 20 weeks. In my eagerness, I had extended it to 25. I have effectively over-trained.

A week from now, it’ll all be over. It should be fun – there’ll be a lot of people there and that should boost my spirits.

For now I’m just going to take it easy. I’ll have to plan my diet this week, do all my warmups and maybe some short sessions.

Testing out my final piece of kit – Gu Chomps. 8 pieces of sugar laden fuel per pack. Take a piece every 2-3km, no big time sugar rush and plenty of go for the journey.