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Adventures training for my first Marathon – Sundown 2012

Brooks PureFlow

I had to retire the Asics… as my foot grew stronger, the support of the GT2140’s gave me pain. These just arrived from Amazon.

Brooks Pureflow in white. I could only find the blue and green ones locally, so these might be a bit different.

Wore them out for lunch with the family. Plenty of firm cushioning, and not as free as the Nike Free’s (if you know what I mean). Will take them out for a first spin tomorrow.

These may be the ones I’ll do the marathon in. The freedom of the Nike Free’s may do me in past the 30km mark. I’ve experienced mild forefoot discomfort from walking the longer distances.

In the same order, I also got a magnetic clip for the Camelbak hose… so it doesn’t swing around too much. Some elastic lock laces (pictured) – I’ll try these for a bit. I also replaced my lost water bottle with a Camelbak, and bought a pair of swimming goggles. So much shopping so little time….

I pretty much have everything I need to do this…

32km this weekend – will be fun!

Edit 6 May 2012:
I’ve done a 5km run in these. Not bad; I actually feel the zero drop – but at this point can’t say whether I like it or not. Good cushioning, and an enjoyable run.

Can’t say the same for the 32km walk. Same event-style breakfast of a large bowl of cornflakes. Started strong. By 21km, started to feel hungry. The sun beat down hard on Changi Coastal Road, thank God for sunnies and the cap. I hadn’t worked out since Monday, and so the muscles were a little stiff, even after I’d warmed up. The hamstrings started to feel a little sore, then started to pull. Struggled to finish. Not good.

Had Andy pick me up from Changi Village, and we had Dory and Chips at Smith on Balmoral. After the shower, slept thru 5pm. Then out for dinner.

Now home after another shower and shave. Wearing the 2XU leggings. Just drained 2 blisters from my feet with a sterilised safety pin. Oooh feels good.

Will struggle to move about tomorrow. Let’s see how it goes.

Run 350 Half Marathon

For me… Walk 350…

The official results aren’t out yet. The Endomondo app on my iPhone says I did it in 2h:45m – I would be proud if I did this pace over 42km.

I wasn’t too impressed when I signed up for the event – the website featured the photo of what appears to be exhausted runners. The race pack collection was smooth, and the contents impressive. There was a shoe bag, lozenges, muscle rub, sunblock, biscuits… Not much info on the race. The PDF had to be downloaded from the Run350 website – less paper!

The event was well organised, and had timing gantries at multiple points on the route. The parts of the route that felt claustrophobic at the 2XU event was OK in this one.

My 2nd event done. There’s a 32km training walk planned in 2 weeks, then tapering starts. Looking forward to the main event I’d trained for for almost 6 months now.

Edit: Results are out! 2hr 43mins 43secs. Not bad…

I hope it isn’t a broken rib…

The 10km run 2 Mondays ago started it… I’ve been nursing a sore right ankle since. Even thru the 2XU event.

Yesterday, distracted by the sore ankle, I tripped over a kerb, tried to receiver, failed and did a belly flop on the pavement. A passing runner asked if I was ok. I was great! The adrenaline rush gave me juice to run the last 1km home.

I may have broken the lowest rib on the left side. I hope it’s just the muscle pulled. There is no bruising. I’ve broken a rib before in a go karting accident 10 years ago (more on this later…) and I remember feeling worse then.

I can breathe ok. Hurts some when I stretch, prod the area, lie down, and get up.

On the flip side, the ankle doesn’t hurt too much any more… Could be healing up… Or perspective…

I’ll do a few more sessions. See how far I can push it. I really hope I don’t ruin my marathon chances…

2XU 2012 Compression Run

Errr… walk.

My first sanctioned event – 15km. I made it!

Met some friends at the start who were kind enough to guide me along as to what was going on. Met another group of friends at the end point for a good chat.

I didn’t feel the route was particularly good – too many U-turns. But hey the organisers need to keep it in a tight geographical area. Completed in under 2 hours, which is a great pace compared to the benchmark 7km/hr. Part of this was because there were no major waits for traffic lights and such. Also road is a better walking surface than pavement – more consistent. Lastly, I found myself having mini-races with the walk/runners and we had multiple overtaking maneuvers on each other.

Some parts the lanes narrowed to a point that made overtaking difficult – other points in the race near the Singapore Flyer was almost unbearably hot. I’m glad I brought the Camelbak Lobo with about 2 liters of water and I was able to forgo 6 of the 8 hydration points. Glad also for the cap and sunscreen, which wifey insisted I used.

Sugar thrashing from the Roctane gel I had at 8km.

I think I got the nutrition right this time. A large bowl (3 cups) of cornflakes with half a carton of milk 2 hours before – reckon about 800 calories. A banana and a bottle of Pocari (what they were dishing out) post race. Duplicated breakfast when I got home. Had a nap. Felt good. Hungry again by 5pm. Dinner!

For some reason, the Nike Free’s gave me a hot spot on my left pinky toe. I’ll monitor this.

Looking forward to the half-marathon in 3 weeks…

Oh! Woot! I got this screenshot of me in #2 of Endomondo’s Rotten Egg Awards for April. Before anyone stateside had woken ;-)

The results are out!

Not bad for a walker. Zombieeeeee.

Half-way mark: Training for Walk-a-Marathon

I’m week 16 into a 25 week program to walk a marathon, and covered 470km out of 850km.

Some fragmented notes.

My longest distance so far is 26km. Only 2 more longer distances to be covered: 29km and 32km. The sub-20km outings are becoming easier but at this rate, I’m wondering how I’m going to survive 42km.

I hate laps, and finding nice long routes is getting a little tricky.

I’ve taken to running across crossings, when possible. Note to self: Watch the traffic, don’t get hit. Almost happened once. Sorry about that Mr Suzuki Swift!

I’ve busted a pair of shoes. Support and guidance are becoming less of an issue now; I’m starting to feel discomfort and a lack of freedom from my older ASICS GT-2140. The Nike Free’s I’m on are starting to wear a bit. I’m making an order for the Brooks PureFlows in 2 weeks. Probably picking up more gels and some extra toys. Yay!

The gels are helping a lot on the longer jaunts. But pre-walk nutrition is still key and something I have to work on, and get right. Fast.

I read from No Meat Athlete that elite runners don’t take in anything but water and electrolytes during their races. So I tried this on a 16km distance. As I bonked out at 10km, I started laughing at myself – I ain’t anything close to being elite and I ain’t even a runner! I made it home, but in not so great shape.

I’m starting to think its true though; sugar burns dirty and rough. I can feel the thrashing immediately after consuming a gel. Perhaps its the caffeine. Or maybe I should learn to pace out a gel pack over a longer distance – like 1km. Minimise the sugar-rush. Carbo-load a couple of days leading to the long walk. Bring some gels just in case. Don’t jackrabbit and go too fast. Will try that this coming weekend – 15km 2XU Compression Run. No man, I’m walking.

2XU Elite Shorts – good for preventing chaffing. I can’t tell if they are beneficial during activity. They may be good for eliminating unnecessary bounce in the muscles, they don’t help with my fat! Tight around the family jewels – I’ve given up wearing these to sleep.

2XU Compression leg sleeves for recovery. If I don’t wear these, my thighs, knees and calves feel sore the next day. So yeah these are good. Tight around what needs compression. Leaves the dongle well alone! Looks on the nancy-boy side – but hey. Care factor zero. A bit warm.

Glad I bought the Camelbak Lobo. I had to refill on the go yesterday. Consumed 6 liters over 26km. Weather was hot. Twist cap was convenient. Need to find a better way to manage earphone cables.

Cap was good. Should have used it earlier. Maybe avoided the sunburnt head.

Maybe I can continue to use the Lezyne and build up to 10km runs (jogs really). Use a water bottle instead of the bladder. Maybe…

Edit 28/3/2012:
Tried this last night. Overall pace was slower than a good brisk walk. For some reason, low energy last night – really tired. Fell asleep straight after the shower coming home. Ankles, calves and knees hurting today. Will take it slow the rest of the week.
*end edit*

Remember to Nivea my feet!