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Exactly what it says on the box.

RIP Old Aveo

Its a year to the expiry of the COE on the Aveo. J who has been driving it for the last 4 years has decided to pick up a 2008 car because the current numbers on a new car are just ridiculous.

So we paid up the outstanding loan on it and scrapped it. Got a princely $100 from the scrapyard. Now to get the PARF and COE rebates from the government….

Old Aveo (aka Blackie) – Sometime July 2004 to 10 May 2013

Review – Jabra Sport Bluetooth Headset

This is a short term review – read on to find out why.

I was grateful to have won a set of these as part of a giveaway contest in late October 2012. I collected them and eagerly wanted to put them thru their paces.

Busted Jabras

My regular earphones are Sennheiser Adidas MX 680’s. I’ve had them a year, and rinse them under running water after each workout.

Bluetooth sound quality from the Jabra’s was OK but not as good as my wired pair of earphones. I didn’t get a lot of use out of the FM radio – reception always seemed dodgy both on trail and on road. Integration to Endomondo was good – I could get workout info without looking at the phone. I always wiped the headphones off with a damp cloth after each workout.

Battery life wasn’t great. 3 hours is a good long workout, but I’ve found that the battery life does deteriorate; and the lady reminding you that you’re running out of tunes every 5 minutes doesn’t help.

By far, my biggest peeve was that this thing only worked well with my phone strapped to my right arm. The documentation says that although Bluetooth has a 10m working radius, that applies only to indoors use. Outdoors and on the move – it’s more like 1m.

I regularly run with a Nathan Hydration Belt, and my phone is naturally in it. This setup forced me to run the belt AND an arm-band. If I didn’t – the music would cut out every time I turned my head to check for traffic – and that pissed me off. Making it all worse – I was testing this during the rainy season. I had a Lifeproof case for my iPhone and that fit snugly into the pocket of the running belt – but try as I might I couldn’t find an arm-band large enough (for cheap enough).

And then one day some time in January, it gave up the ghost. It would charge but not turn on. I noticed that the left side pod had split open.  It sat on my desk for a month while I was bungling around doing other stuff. I brought it to the Jabra Service Centre last weekend.

I explained that I had won this pair, that it no longer works, and I noticed that the left pod had split open presumably where the batteries are.

The first question the guy asked me was if I charged it. Doh. Then he turned to his colleague and ostentatiously asked her opinion on a warranty replacement. The duo exchanged looks, turned around to me and explained that “there are 2 types of damage – manufacturing and user – and in this case, damage was caused by the user.”

So… these guys think I pried open the pod and am trying to claim for it. OK. I wasn’t up for an argument – after all – I could glue the pod back but the fact was that it still wouldn’t operate. I raised my eyebrows at them while they were expressing their deepest apologies (and shooing me out of their shop so they could get back to doing nothing) – and left.

So yeah – short term review. Endomondo says I had covered 200km between Nov 2012 and Feb 2013. And I’m proud to say I broke something US Mil Spec. Hehehe.

Prolly good for the gym. Not for me. I’ll stick to my wired pair – or explore Plantronics.

Chinese Education

I’ve never done well in it. On the 1st day of school – some 30 years ago, the teacher forced us to write 我 (or me) about a hundred times. That’s 7 x 100 = 700 strokes. Turned me right off and things have gone downhill from there.

So recently while raiding a colleague’s desk for chocolates and being the pack of hungry wolves we were – distributing it among ourselves. One of my colleagues blurted 肥水不流外人田. On receiving the dafug-you-talking-dude look from me – he immediately recomposed it to hokkien and said “Sweet water cannot lau give baat-lang lim” and further to “good stuff must share inside the family” (sic)

That earned him a great laugh… but I was curious as to what he said in mandarin.

肥水不流外人田 – lit. don’t let one’s own fertile water flow into others’ field fig. keep the goodies within the family (proverb) (source)

It also recommended a podcast – PopupChinese – available on iTunes. So this year, besides continuing on my running journey, I’ll take one into my mother tongue – by at least listening to all the podcasts in this series. Hopefully I’ll level up the conversational mandarin.

Wish me luck!

TWIB – Week 01 of 2013

Short yet eventful week.

1st incident at work:
Her: You mean I can send the statement of accounts directly to the client?
Me: Yeap.
Her: Oh. I thought I would ask you to do it because they may not know who I am.
Me: Pretty obvious isn’t it? Your email address is accounts@(theshopiworkat)

2nd incident at work:
Her: or u pass me ur ppt
Her: i design for u
Me: no need lah… don’t waste your time.
Her: its ok i am fast haha
Me: pfft
Me: oh. better not say that to too many other guys.

All this talent. Sigh.

Did some work on the stubby. I think I’m ready to write it up and post it. Very soon.

Kiwi’ed the shoes for the new year.

2.5 years hack free. And it happened again today. Took 2 hours to clean up. Pffft.