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Hockenheim Grand Prix 2010

Alonso won at Germany today. Bit of a hollow victory though.

Vettel defends the wrong dude

Off the line, Vettel “suffers torque steer” and tries to run Alonso off the road, only to have Massa pass him on the left from 3rd place.

It was all heating up for a great final battle until…

OK. So. Alonso. Is faster than. You.

What the hell! Ferrari seems to be digging themselves into a mighty big hole. $100,000 fine may not be much (to them), but hey…

Buemi’s catastrophic suspension failure

Friday Practice – Shanghai Grand Prix

I braked,

the wheels came off

The poor boy continued to try to steer his car (this steering business is kind of dependant on the front wheels being attached to your vehicle buddy) and finally crashed into the gravel trap and barrier.

The mechanics put it down to a front suspension failure. You don’t say.

At least he’s unhurt and will race over the weekend.

Alguersuari takes revenge on ING for Renault pull-out

That’s a Hollywood shot right there, the ING signboard just disintegrated!


Glad he OK. Kinda demonstrates how safe F1 is now compared to the old days – where you avoided crashing hard because you DIDN’T WANNA DIE!!!

And Vettel FTW! 4th career win. Good boy!

Props to Alonso for making 6 places. You have your work cut out for you next year at Ferrari….

Still grinning uncontrollably, now deaf as a post.


Couldn’t resist the temptation to go again this evening. Somewhat of a mistake though, much more of a crowd at our vantage point just before Turn 7 after the longest straight. But I just had to drag the family along, this time armed with hearing protection. Everyone had silly grins after.. :-D

Here’s another sound clip (8 secs, mp3, 126kb).

Looking at the map, NOBODY has access to that bit of the track.. I guess if we got tix, we’d have to find somewhere else to camp. Probably on the straight between turns 13 and 14… We’ll see.

Homolton Hamilton on pole this year. Urgh.

Grinning uncontrollably, ears are bleeding.

Picture 055

Didn’t get tix to the Grand Prix this weekend, but decided we wanted to hear what these F1 cars sound like. Fought our way through the jams to Marina Square and had a wander. When the first cars came out for 2nd practice at 2130hrs the iced lemon tea nearly came out through my nose…

HOT DAMN they’re loud! Even when you cover your ears the sounds resonate through your chest. The straights are much louder than the corners, and the Merc engines are significantly noisier.

Contemplating getting walkabouts next year….

Sample here (48secs, mp3, 764kb). Wootness!