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Hacking the LAMY Pen

I picked up a Lamy AL-star Graphit about a year ago. I was in the market for a chunky pen, and from what I heard, Lamys were good writers.

I cannot say that the experience has been good. The Lamy M63 rollerball put ink down thickly, and about 3 months ago it stopped working consistently. I chucked it aside and went back to my Pilot G-2.

Visited the shops, and thought maybe I should switch over to the ballpoint refill, just to see how that works. No dice, it wouldn’t fit. The fountain, rollerball and ballpoint pens all had different internal designs? Who knew? What happened to manufacturing efficiency and consistency?

Then I found this link online, and went to work:

Presenting the bastard child of Lamy and Pilot, with the addition of a 5mm BB pellet. The consistency of the Japanese gel ink, with the handsome looks of the German.

I like!