Front Fork Stand for Zwifting

As the spare wheelset was out of commission, I needed something to hold the front of the bike up while Zwifting. I got hold of some leftover 2×4 from a previous project, measured it up, cut some joints for strength, doweled the parts together, forstner’d a 12mm hole where the thru axle will go, and voila!

Shared some pictures on FB, and THEY WERE NOT IMPRESSED. Opinions ranged from me hurting myself, to breaking the carbon frame. Others thought it was cool; that the trainer supported all of the bike and rider’s weight. The stand, like the front wheel just held up the front… much like the Wahoo Climbr device (which I don’t have).

Had a few hours on the saddle now, and there were some lessons learnt. The bottom needs to be flat. If one side is higher, the steering will veer the other way. Flattened that out with a sander, and all is good. Had a couple of drops of sweat fall onto the end grain. I suppose that will lead to failure at some point. Maybe some finishing.

For now, I call it done.

Lego Watch Winder Mk2

It’s tested and finished!

This is the list of stuff that have been implemented, some planned, some improvements were reactive.

  • Direct stepper drive
  • LCD display
  • Rotary switch to control rotation direction, TPD settings, and turn on the LCD backlight.
  • Maxed out the RAM/processing power of the Arduino – revamped the source code
  • Re-arranged the board layout, cable management
  • Mounted on custom cut acrylic and Lego baseboard; 3mm acrylic cover

Finished pictures below; here’s also a video of it at work.

Lego Watch Winder Mk1

For those following my winder project 3 years ago… I’m sorry.

The acrylic rig binded and squeaked, the photointerrupter died… and as soon as I got myself in gear ordering replacements, etc… Wifey got pregnant, and being a first time expectant dad, I ran around like a headless chicken doing this and that.

And so died the Gear Winder Project…

Timmy is almost 2, and about 2 months ago I thought I should revisit this project. I got some a lot of inspiration from this guy. I can’t build something like that! I don’t even have 4 automatic watches! I also decided that this new iteration would be made using Lego – my childhood love.

I dug up the old Arduino, ordered the bits and pieces, and here is Mk 1.

Here’s a video of it working.

Mk 1 runs on an Arduino Uno, with a Easy Driver board and driving a stepper motor. The watch carrier is a piece of 2 3/4″ aluminum tubing painted black and a white line down it for a line sensor to detect and count revolutions. A left over real time clock shield is also in place for future expansion.

The belt drive system is prone to tension and slippage problems. This can be seen in the choppy watch carrier movement in the video.

I have torn Mk 1 down and embarked on Mk 2, which will have direct drive. Here’s a sneak peek.

Direct Drive

Changes planned for Mk 2 include a LCD screen, and some control mechanism. And a 3mm Acrylic cover, which should keep wifey happy. ;-)

Advice dispensed at the Camera Rental place

So I was at the place I rent lenses to experiment with – picking up a Tamron SP 24-70mm F2.8 DI VC USD for the weekend.

There was this young chap renting some equipment, apparently going to shoot for a wedding. He was asking the customer service guy if this or that lens was appropriate. The guy behind the counter was trying to explain to him that each photographer is different, with different styles and preferences – so the choice of lens was the shooter’s to make.

Young chap then asked about the Canon EF 85mm f/1.2 L II. Since I had some experience with that piece of glass, I decided to chime in a little. This is my side of the conversation.

That lens focuses like a sloth… I think its a great portrait lens, if your subjects will hold a pose for you. If you’re going for candids, you may miss a lot. At minimum focus distance of about 1m, your DOF is about 1cm – so if your focus is on the nose, then the eyes are out of focus… Oh yeah no question – the bokeh is excellent! But if you miss focus, then EVERYTHING is bokeh!…

I hope I helped… I left before he made his final decision.